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2017 New Year’s Resolution

Ahh, it’s a New Year! Time to bust out those New Year’s Resolutions. Before we start looking forward, can I just say that 2016 truly was an amazing year? I was able to team up with MKMPhotog to capture four weddings and one amazing family in addition to five beautiful families this fall. This fresh New Year has me reflecting on something that I think you should add to your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year: Hire a professional photographer!

Now, I know, you may think I’m simply saying that because I am a professional photographer (and that’s somewhat true). But there’s so much more than that! So, I decided to help you out with a list. Without further ado: You should hire a professional photographer…

…because there’s a little more to it than simply having a ‘nice camera.’

Yes, having a high-quality camera is a very important piece of equipment for photographers, but there is a little more that goes into it. Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, bokeh, flash, natural light, focus modes, dynamic range…have I lost you yet? There is a lot that is considered in order to make sure that a moment is captured in the best way possible, even in the least ideal conditions. Like a high noon sun with zero clouds in the sky – if you think this is great, you need me.

I have no doubt your mom’s cousin’s husband’s best friend’s uncle spent some money on a “nice camera” – after all, it came with lenses! But, knowing how to use that camera is the true power that I’ve learned how to harness. I don’t wear a cape, but my camera bag and dresses with pockets come close.

behind the scenes white lake south dakota wedding

…because Snapchat only lasts 24 hours.

I love social media, I really do. I am active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and will probably hop on the next big thing.

SIDE NOTE: are you following me? If not, you probably should. Use the links above. In addition to behind-the-scenes wedding fun and a lot of coffee consumption, you’ll get to see cute pictures of my dog.

Ok, shameless plug done. Continuing on the point: yes, Social media is awesome.

Relying on it to capture memories with your family is not awesome. Weddings? They’re a big deal. You probably invested a pretty penny in yours. Photography should be one of those investments considering those photos are what will be left after your Snapstory disappears. In addition to giving you professional images you can love forever, I would love to help you incorporate Snapchat into your wedding day with a custom filter. They’re fun, I love them. I can direct you to the right person to get one!

Let’s talk about your family photos. Mom, be honest, when was the last time you were in a photo with your kids? When was the last time you loved a photo you were in with your kids? A selfie here and there is a lot of fun, I take my fair share of them. And I am so glad that you are using your phone to capture cute moments of your kids playing to share with long-distance family on Facebook. But you should also be able to relax, enjoy your family, and walk away knowing that you are about to have some beautiful art to hang on your walls (not that I would even try to compete with your kids’ art on the refrigerator).

…because sometimes that iCloud gets full.

I can’t even keep track of the number of times I’ve heard that someone’s iThing broke and they lost all of their images. Either the Cloud was full or they didn’t think to back it up. Those precious baby photos are gone. Your daughter’s unique mismatched style is no longer available for blackmail when she’s a know-it-all teenager.

Guess what? I take archiving seriously. Like, at least three different locations seriously. I am also totally willing to continue keeping the digital files from your session for only $5 a year. That means that 12 years from now when you’re putting together that senior slide show, I have those family photos you had taken with a cute, toothless grin.

Also, print. I am a big HUGE believer in print. You pay for those photos, do something more than see how many likes you can get on Facebook or Instagram (I enjoy likes, too. Are you making sure to “like” photos on my Facebook page?). And please don’t run to WalMart or WalGreens for those little 4×6 prints. I work with professional labs to guarantee color quality (that means someone’s skin isn’t looking on the green or pink side). And a 16×20 print isn’t that big when it’s above your 5 foot sofa. Ask me! I would love to consult with you to figure out what would look best in your home.

…because you want to look your absolute best.

Have you ever spent an evening out with the friends, taking countless selfies and then woke up the next morning to see them on Facebook? “I look like I have a double-chin!” “Why does my face look better in this picture than that one?” “Where did that phantom hand come from?” “Someone has a nice forehead…I just can’t see the rest to know who that is!”

Whether it’s time for your solo close up, or a big family photo, I work hard to make sure everyone looks good.  I help to line people up “in the windows” and no one will ever be squished “to the wall.” I am a professional for a reason, people!

I also can fulfill a lot of roles. Need the boutonniere pinned on? I bring my own Band-aids. Dress needing bustled? I’ve tied, snapped, and buttoned my fair share of them. Lipstick touch up? I’ve got a mirror. I want you to be worry-free, so relax and enjoy the day!

iron mountain road wedding

…because nobody has time for that!

I like to work quickly! From babies to grandparents, no one loves to smile and say cheese for two hours, we get it. Also, you probably want some time to you know, talk to your guests that are giving you money and gifts and gave up a weekend to do so.

When you hire me for your wedding, you’re actually getting a team of two of us. That means double the photos in half the time. One of us does ridiculous things to get the baby to look while you relax and strike a pose, knowing you’re working with the best.

group family photo rapid city photographer

Is creating a timeline freaking you out? Worried that Uncle Larry isn’t going to be found? I’ve got you covered. I work with you to curate a timeline that means photos get done and the ceremony starts on time. Also, I’m really good at rounding up wandering family members.

…because you put a lot of time and energy into your details.

Odds are you browsed Pinterest for hours. You logged countless miles on your Fitbit in the aisles of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. You have battle wounds on your hands from fighting with hot glue and you’re still not sure the glitter will come out of your hair.

I don’t think that work should have been in vain. I want to make sure that your details are captured well, they are part of the story after all.

wedding details rapid city south dakota photographer

Life is fleeting, I believe firmly in families having professional photos that they can display, look back on, and cherish during those times when someone from the family may no longer be here. I believe that my job at a wedding is to capture the moments and tell the story. Images can evoke so many emotions, from laughter to tears, and I work to get it all. I also think that your family session should be more than kids standing at attention, perfectly poised. I love the raw moments that happen when you think I’ve put the camera down. I want you captured at your truest selves.

I would love to be the person you hire in 2017, 2018 or any year beyond. Check out my work and see if we can be a good match. Or contact me, I really love meeting people and drinking coffee. Whether it’s me, or anther fantastic professional in the Black Hills, please make it your New Year’s Resolution to hire a professional!

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