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Images have the power to bring us to a different place, a different world even,
if only for a moment, we get to be part of it.


My name is Shiloh, the “Shi” behind the camera and Shutter Shi Photography in Rapid City.

I want to tell your love story.

Start at the beginning, the shining ring on your finger, a public declaration that you said YES! Yes to adventure. Yes to growing and changing together. Yes to forever with the love of your life. In what feels like a blink of an eye your wedding day has arrived and you are longer he and she, but one as Mr. and Mrs. Of course there’s no greater reminder of how much time flies than the chapters filled with adventures and children! Families form, the kids grow taller, hobbies, styles and more change. What is there left to look back on to remember these moments? Photographs. That’s where I come in.

Let me help take you to that special time and place in your life over and over again. To give you images you can look back on years from now and be reminded of that important life event or simply be astonished by the changes and growth in your family. Time doesn’t slow down, but photographs capture the moments.

TRUST ME: You’ll love looking back on family photos of your child’s big, toothless grin, or the mismatched outfit that your daughter refuses to give up. You’ll smile as that scraped knee reminds you of the epic bike trick that was part of their backyard X-Games.

Whatever your story is that needs to be told, I am extremely excited to be your photographer and begin working with you. With each session I aim to capture the love, joy and those small details that are special to you. I want to leave you with pieces of art you can display on your walls, shelves or coffee tables in order to relive that moment each time you look at it. I cannot wait to meet you and get started!

A few more details about Shutter Shi Photography

I am based in Rapid City, minutes from the beautiful Black Hills in western South Dakota. I am primarily an on-location photographer, but can also do indoor lifestyle sessions in your home. I can also be found capturing moments in central South Dakota around the Pierre/Highmore area.

The perks about me being an on-location, natural light photographer is that I’m always open to going to new locations! If you have a place in mind or somewhere that’s special to you, I’d love to meet you there. Whether it’s a cozy, rustic look in a field or an edgy, upbeat urban scene, I’m open and excited to try it all.

shutter shi photography black hills rapid city family wedding photographer

A few fun things:

Coffee. I can’t get enough of it.

I have the world’s most spoiled dog, Taz. He’s full of spunk and attitude, and I often talk about him as though he’s a person.

My husband and I live in Rapid City and I absolutely love it! What could be better than having the Black Hills in our backyard?

I have a weakness for most things peanut butter.

Mornings are not my favorite – but if I have to get up at 5 a.m. for that perfect light, I’ll do it!

I think road trips are the absolute best!

Amazon is a part of nearly every aspect of my life. Hello, free shipping + great tunes + video streaming!

I love dresses with pockets. Although I’ll still manage to lose my lens cap.

I Skimm, every day.

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