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Dan + Michaela | Skyline Drive Engagement

I was so excited when Michaela asked me to take engagement photos for her and Dan. Michaela is one of my best friends and favorite person to photograph weddings with. The fact that she is an amazing photographer only made me a little bit nervous. One thing I knew for sure: Michaela would have some great ideas on location! From downtown Rapid City to Skyline Drive, we ended up with some gorgeous photos to celebrate their engagement.

We began in downtown Rapid City. This location was especially important as Dan proposed to Michaela while they were walking downtown together one night. I had a blast laughing with them as they retold their engagement story. Dan is a total romantic, and his spontaneous proposal that night was anything but what he was planning.

There are many things I can anticipate when planning for a session. Weather, lighting, traffic, just to name a few. One thing none of us were anticipating that evening: the major M-Hill fire.

Originally we were hoping to head to Founders Park for the second half of the engagement photos. With the crowds and emergency personnel we knew it would be best to stay out of that area. We finished up our photos downtown. The smoke made for some dramatic lighting that I really can’t complain about. Then we headed up to Skyline Drive. Honestly? I think it ended up working out for the best.

We reached Skyline Drive right at golden hour. Michaela had a gorgeous, flowing wrap dress that made for some beautiful movement in the tall grasses. It was clear that Dan and Michaela are absolutely, radiantly in love. The chemistry between the two of them made my job easy! From sweet walks, hand in hand to a few extra close cuddling sessions, I really didn’t have to coach them much. We ended the evening with a beautiful silhouette, showing off the natural beauty that is found on Skyline Drive.





skyline drive engagment_1

Tully Engagement-103_1

Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories, Dan and Michaela! I cannot wait until your wedding in November.


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