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Fawn: A Mom Unscripted

I love helping people pursue their passions. I wouldn’t be able to pursue mine without people trusting me to take their photos, after all. Being asked to take Fawn’s headshots was an absolute delight!

Fawn is the founder of A Mom Unscripted. I could never do it justice by trying to describe it, so click here to learn more. Fawn is absolutely passionate about helping parents. Fawn not only offers sound advice and real examples of parenting. She also challenges mothers (and fathers) to see themselves beyond their role as a parent and continue to pursue things they enjoy.

I absolutely loved this session! We went to one of Fawn’s favorite places: Canyon Lake park. Her eyes absolutely sparkled any time I asked her to tell me about A Mom Unscripted. Her face lit up when we would talk about her daughters. It was a true example of how much joy can come when a person has discovered their passion.

Fawn also happens to be one of my best friends. I’ve been able to witness the creation of A Mom Unscripted from little sparks of “maybe somedays” in conversation to the movement it has become today. Taking her headshots for the website and future speaking opportunities was a real joy for me. It was a time to force Fawn to focus on herself for 45 minutes, not those around her. (She has a huge heart that is always thinking of ways to help others…someone has to force her to be selfish on occasion!) The session was an opportunity to celebrate the pursuit of a passion, something I believe strongly in.

Thank you for the chance to play a role in A Mom Unscripted, Fawn! You are such a beautiful person, I feel honored to be a part of telling your story.

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