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G Family | Rapid City Family Photographer

One of my favorite job titles I have is “family photographer”. There’s something so humbling about being entrusted to capture moments for families. Kids grow and change so quickly that it’s easy look back and wonder were the time has gone. Mom and dad are often so busy encouraging the kids, or taking the photos, that they often miss the chance to be in the photo.

This is where I come in as the family photographer for your session! I get to capture the moment and capture the family all together. Leaving you with moments you can look back on and smile as the memories come flooding back.

Because of the gorgeous Fall we had, the G family and I were able to get together in late October to capture some family photos. Let’s just pause for a moment to say: I love when South Dakota actually lets us enjoy fall before winter blows in covering the earth with its white blanket.

Mom had a wonderful idea of taking photos on the Little Elk Creek trail. This is a trail the family often hikes together throughout the year, making it the perfect place to capture some memories! Little Elk Creek is less than 20 minutes from Rapid City, making it super easy to get to with enough time to take advantage of the beautiful golden light of fall.

little elk creek trail south dakota

The kids had a blast jumping along the rocks, doing their best not to splash in the falls! It was also clear that this brother and sister duo are the best of friends, helping one another find the next adventure along the trail.

G Family Black Hills Family 7

I absolutely loved little man’s missing teeth! There’s something so fun, and unique, about capturing this moment in a child’s life. The perfect smile full of teeth will exist for the rest of their lives, why not embrace this fun stage of growing that they are going through? Little miss is the definition of a fashionista! I loved her boots and leopard, tulle skirt. The perfect contrast of fashion and the wilderness.

As for mom and dad? It was clear that they loved their children and one another. I even forced them into getting a photo of just the two of them, and enlisted the kids’ help in getting some smiles!

G Family Black Hills Family 3

Enjoy these photos, then click here to learn more about how to book a session to capture your own memories! I’d love to be your family photographer.

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