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Paulin Family | Outdoor Campus West

To say there was a lot of laughter during the Paulin Family photos would be an understatement. We all braved a cold, rainy April day, but the love they all shared warmed us up from the inside out. There are two reasons I absolutely loved the Paulin’s family session:

  • First, this session was a birthday gift from the kids to their mother! She had no idea what “outing” they were taking her on until I met them in the parking lot. Jessie and Andy knew that their mom had enough “stuff.” They wanted to gift her something lasting and meaningful. I was so honored when they approached me to make the photos happen.
  • Secondly, this was the first time all 6 of them had been together since a wedding two years ago. Andy and his wife, Katie, had been apart due to the Army. It worked out that they all made it home. Making it even more important they have some quality family photos.

People often think that family photos are only needed when kids are young, or for a quick Christmas card. I’m a firm believer that every time is the right time for family photos. It doesn’t matter the age, your memories still need to be captured.

I’ll be honest and say the weather was not on our side that day. While all of the family did a great job of hiding it, they were freezing! I moved quickly to give everyone a break to get their jackets on when it wasn’t their turn to be in the shot. Thank you for working with me and having a good time through your chattering teeth.

The Outdoor Campus West is one of my favorite places for photo sessions. There are so many great trails, a gorgeous pond, and you don’t have to far to feel like you are out of city limits. Hunting is one of this family’s favorite things to do together, so I knew a rustic, outdoors feel would be necessary. I think these photos will blend perfectly with all the deer, elk, and antelope mounts in their living room!

outdoor campus west rapid city south dakota

rapid city south dakota outdoor campus west

Thank you, Jessie and Andy, for making me a part of your mom’s birthday celebration! It was an absolute honor and privilege to capture your family’s memories. Andy and Katie, thank you for your service to our country. The men and women that serve our country will always have a special place in this photographer’s heart.

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