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Family Session by Shutter Shi Photography

Book your family session: You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your kids and future generations. You owe it to make the time for your family photos.

Outdoor Campus West Rapid City

Life is busy and as a result time goes way too fast. Just think of how many times the New Year arrives and you ask “how is it the new year already?” It’s getting harder to set aside the time to fight and bribe the husband and kids to wear semi-decent clothes and to not make a funny face long enough to have a photo “good enough” to send the grandparents. You are constantly snapping pictures on your cell phone to text or share on Facebook and Instagram of the latest cute thing your child did, but how often are you all¬†in the photo? As you’re thinking of this, please note that selfies don’t count!

It’s time to make family sessions a priority! I love the photos of giggling children, their big toothless grins showing. I love those moments¬†when families don’t think my lens is on them, and they are relaxed, engaging with one another. I love family sessions because those photos help tell the story, year after year. Family dynamics are always changing children grow and new additions are born, sadly people leave us too soon, what remains are the memories and photographs that help to capture them. You owe it to yourself to make sure that your moments are captured, and captured well!

TRUST ME: You’ll love looking back on family photos of your child’s big, toothless grin, or the mismatched outfit that your daughter refuses to give up. You’ll smile as that scraped knee reminds you of the epic bike trick that was part of their backyard X-Games.

Family Session Pricing

Starting at $225 + tax

The basic family session will include one hour, on location in Rapid City capturing your immediate family. I always start with the full group and then love to capture a variety of groups as well as some individual shots. Following your session you will be given an online photo gallery to order prints through my professional labs (where I can guarantee the best quality). Please note: The number of images you receive will vary based upon your session.

Interested in albums or special print deals? Having extended family coming to town that you want involved? Please contact me so we can discuss pricing!