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H Family | Sioux Park Family Session

The four sisters of the H family all have such amazing personalities that contribute to one big, fun-loving family! During this Sioux Park family session I was able to capture beautiful photos of the girls together for mom and dad to hang on their walls. I also got to take pictures of each individual girls, showing off each of their favorite hobbies and personalities. These were used to create a gorgeous collage as well as for printed wallets to send to family members. I may be bias because these young ladies are now my nieces, but aren’t they all beautiful?!

sioux park fall family photos rapid city south dakota

During group shots were was a ton of laughter as mom, dad and I behaved as goofy as possible to get Little Miss A to smile. I think these photos make it so clear how much the three older sisters adore their baby sister, and how much she looks up to them! One of the absolute favorite photos from the session is the fierceness that came up when I told them all to “strike a pose” on a bridge in Sioux Park. The three older girls showed off their attitude, while little miss smiled and giggled appropriately.

sioux park bridge fall family photos

Miss A used her individual session to show off her love of reading as well as tree climbing. I’m definitely glad I brought along my step stool – there was no way this short photographer would have reached her otherwise! Miss B showed off her love of cats and showed off her beautiful smile. Little Miss A has loved her little Tigger from the time she was a baby. While she may be growing up way too fast, it was an absolute must to include Tigger in these photos. Miss K is the diva of the family, sporting a glamorous dress that contrasted perfectly with the beautiful fall leaves that filled Sioux Park.

We ended the session with one of my absolute favorite shots! I gathered the girls together once again and we made the leaves FLY! They had such a blast throwing the leaves up, and I love the pure joy that was captured on their faces. This picture was used to create a custom Christmas card for the family to send out. It perfectly summed up the spirit of the season – JOY!

Sioux Park Family Session Fall

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